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Dr. Joseph Klausner

Young Dr. Joseph Klausner

2 John 1:9-11  Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

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Joseph Gedaliah Klausner (20 August 1874 – 27 October 1958), (Hebrew: יוסף גדליה קלוזנר‎), was a Jewish historian and professor of Hebrew Literature. He was the chief redactor of The Hebrew Encyclopedia. He was an ardent Zionist polemicist, supportive of Revisionist and religious ideologies, and a candidate for President in the first Israeli presidential election in 1949, losing to Chaim Weizmann by 83 votes to 15.[citation needed]

Klausner was born in Olkeniki, Lithuania in 1874. At the turn of the 20th century, his family left Lithuania due to growing antisemitism (Amos Oz tells that the reason for leaving was his grandmother's health)and settled in Odessa where her closest family lived)], where Klausner was educated. He frequented scientific, literary, and Zionist circles. Klausner was a committed Zionist, and knew Theodore Herzl personally.

In 1912, he visited Palestine for the first time, and moved there in 1919. In 1925, he became a professor of Hebrew literature at the University of Jerusalem. He embarked upon research on the history of the Second Temple period. Although not an Orthodox Jew, he observed Sabbath and the dietary laws. He had a wide grasp of the Talmud and Midrashic literature.

Joseph Klausner was a member of the circle of Russian Zionist political activists from Odessa, which included Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Ussishkin, and although 'not a party man' he was a fellow traveler with Revisionist Zionism. Klausner contributed significantly to the 'Zionist education' of the Revisionist youth movement, Betar, and nationalist youth movements in general. With his background as an academic with expertise in the Jewish history, he was also and unusually an activist in Zionist polemics, and rarely stood on the side of majority Zionist leadership; this eventually brought him to the forefront of Jewish anger at the failure of the Zionist establishment in Palestine. In July 1929, Klausner established the Pro-Wailing Wall Committee to defend Jewish rights, and resolve problems over access and arrangements for worship at the Western Wall.[1] Demonstrations by Revisionist youth stemming for the committee's work were later identified as the proximal cause of the 1929 Palestine riots by the Shaw Commission.[2] Also as a result of the ensuing riots, his house in Talpiot was virtually destroyed.

Amos Oz wrote about his great uncle in his autobiography, "A Tale of Love and Darkness" (ch.9-11).

Klausner earned his Ph.D. in Germany. One of his most influential books was about Jesus. The book Jesus of Nazareth, and its sequel, From Jesus to Paul, gained him some celebrity. In it, Klausner described how Jesus was best understood as a Jew and Israelite who was trying to reform the religion, and he died as a devout Jew. He was attacked about this issue as much by Christians as by Jews. The book was considered to be so informative by Herbert Danby, an Anglican priest, that he translated the work from Hebrew into English so that English scholars might avail themselves of the information contained within this book. A number of clergymen were so incensed at Danby for translating this controversial work that they demanded his recall from Jerusalem.[citation needed] Later in his career, he was given a chair in Jewish history.

He was an ardent Zionist, but had numerous disagreements with Chaim Weizmann. The two were candidates in the presidential election of 1949; Weizmann was declared the first President of Israel.

In both 1941 and 1949, Klausner was awarded the Bialik Prize for Jewish thought.[3]
In 1958, he was awarded the Israel Prize in Jewish studies.[4]
In 1982, in recognition of his scholarly achievements, the State of Israel issued a stamp with his picture on it.

"...the Anglican bishops in Jerusalem demanded that the archbishop dismiss Dr. Danby, the missionary who had translated Jesus Of Nazareth into English, as it was a book that was 'tainted with heresy, in that it portrays our Saviour as a kind of Reform rabbi, as a mortal, and as a Jew who has nothing at all to do with the Church.' " quoted in Amos Os's memoir, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, Harcourt, 2003, p. 60.

From John Noe, 'Dead In Their Tracks, Stopping the Liberal/Skeptic[antiChristian] Attack on the Bible' (Published August 2001),1-8,:

"In America over the past 50 to 100 years, seminary after seminary, church after church, and believer after believer have fallen victim to the liberal/skeptic[antiChristian] attack on the Bible.  They have departed from the conservative faith.  It's called the "battle for the Bible."  How or why has this happened?  Critics have hit Christianity at its weeakest point. Read it for yourself:

"Jewish skeptics contend that Jesus didn't complete the whole mission of the Messiah within the time frame their prophets had predicted.  They allege that Christians invented the idea of a "second coming" off in the future to cover up Jesus' failure to return as promised.  This is the Jews' primary excuse for rejecting Jesus and belittling Christianity.  Prominent orthodox rabbis and Jewish scholars have written:

"This two-fold misapprehension of Jesus- the nearness of the kingdom of heaven and his Messiahship- perpetuated his memory and created Christianity.  Had not the disciples expected his second coming Christianity could never have come into being: even as a Jewish sect.... The Jews as a whole could not, however, follow after a belief based on so slight a foundation.... Yet again, through the preaching of his messianic claims, after he had failed to manifest himself to the world again, in his power and glory, he became, in spite of himself, a "sacrifice," a "ransom for many."*... Joseph Klausner ([Zionist and]scholar), 'Jesus of Nazareth: His Life, Times, and Teaching (New York: Macmillen, 1925), 405.

"Do you [as a Christian] hear what [this Zionist and other Jewish critics ("Rabbis" Kaplan and  Stolper and "educator and debater" Samuel Levine), including even Christian C.S. Lewis] are saying?  They are saying Jesus was literally wrong when He made numerous time-restrictive predictions and statements regarding his coming, his return [in judgment- not on the entire "world" that conditioned-to-believe Christians believe, but on the twelve tribes of Israel Mt 19:28)]. As we shall see, the embarrassment [that Lewis referred to regarding Mt 24:34 being "the most embarrassing verse in the Bible"] belongs to [Bertrand Russell], C.S. Lewis, et al [including Albert Schweitzer, Jewish skeptics Aryeh Kaplan, Pinchas Stolper, Joseph Klausner, and Samuel Levine, Muslim skeptics Badru D. Kateregga, Wendy Murry Zoba and Arabiane Barzaar].  But this perceived weakness was, and still is, the crack that led the liberals in the door to begin their systematic criticism and dismanteling of Scripture with its inevitable bankrupting of the faith."

I may add that "Zionist" scholar Joseph Klausner's, along with "Rabbi" Kaplan's and "Rabbi" Stolper's and "Jewish educator and debater" Samuel Levine's, description of Jesus' purpose as Messiah is wrong. Jesus claimed "... I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Mt 15:24) and that His return in the clouds was going to be in judgment of the twelve tribes of Israel and not on the entire globe: "And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel." (Mat 19:28). 

One must also consider the words of Athanasius, ca AD350, regarding the Jews' rejection of the Messiah and their denial "with impunity" the events of AD70:

"For when He that was signified was come, what need was there any longer of any to signify Him? When the truth was there, what need any more of the shadow? For this was the reason of their prophesying at all – namely, till the true Righteousness should come, and He that was to ransom the sins of all. And this was why Jerusalem stood till then – namely, that there they might be exercised in the types as a preparation for the reality. ...the Saviour also Himself cried aloud and said: ‘The law and the prophets prophesied until John.’ If then there is now among the Jews king or prophet or vision, they do well to deny the Christ that is come. But if there is neither king nor vision, but from that time forth all prophecy is sealed and the city and temple taken, why are they so irreligious and so perverse as to see what has happened, and yet to deny Christ, Who has brought it all to pass? ...What then has not come to pass, that the Christ must do? What is left unfulfilled, that the Jews should now disbelieve with impunity?” (Athanasius’ On the Incarnation of the Word, Section 40 Verses 1-8)

Here is one of the "fathers" of modern-day Zionism.  He wanted to be the first president of Israel after it was raised from the ashes by the Zionist-inspired United Nations. Zionism has crept into the Christian Church.

It has been able to form a "new and better Christian"- the "Judeo-Christian" and or the "Zionist Christian" within the Church and now has the majority of Christians believing that they should not be just Christians-  but be "Judeo Christians" or "Zionist Christians".

Jesus was born a Jew BUT He condemned Judaism.

What we have today is the "commandments of men"- Talmudic Judaism, being taught as doctrine in the Christian Churches.

We Christians have been tricked into believing as truth the lies of wolves in sheeps' clothing.

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