Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Futurists' Dilemma with the Millenium

Preterists rightfully claim that the "millenium" of Rev 20 took place just prior to the events of AD70.

In AD 70 the temple in Jerusalem was first burned and then later dismantled so that "not one stone was left upon another"- the event Jesus' disciples equated with His return ("Second Coming") in judgment of the twelve tribes of Israel [ref. Mat 19:28, 24:2,3].

Chronologically, according to Rev 20 (the only place in all of Scripture that the "millenium" is mentioned), Satan is first thrown into the Abyss with a great chain holding him down so that he is powerless throughout the duration of the millenium.

At the end of the "millenium" he is released, for only a short time, so that he can "gather the nations to war against the 'camp of the saints' (which is the Christian Church in Jerusalem).

The war spoken of is Armageddon.

Most Futurists today claim that Satan is alive and well and performing his dirty work.  Most are also claiming that Jesus' return, His "Second Coming", is imminent. (They also refuse to admit that His return is in judgment of the twelve tribes of Israel).

If Satan is alive and well as the Futurists claim he is, then according to Rev 20 either

the millenium has already transpired and Satan has been unchained and has been released from his prison in the Abyss to gather the nations to war against the camp of the saints (not to mention that the "first resurrection" also mentioned in Rev 20 that takes place during the "millenium" must have also
already taken place)-


the millenium is still in the future (because of Satan's rampant activity going on presently, as they claim).

This is their dilemma. If they insist that Satan is running rampant and that Jesus' "Second Coming" is imminent, then their millenium has already taken place.

Then to make their version of Rev 20 more confusing and unexplainable- the passage points out that Satan is unable to attack the 'camp of the saints' because just a moment before Armageddon commences, Satan is thrown alive into the "lake of fire" (where the beast and the false prophet are)
where he is tormented day and night for ever and forever.

This is just one of many contradictions to Scripture that the Futurists cannot explain.

All they can do is ignore and hide from the facts.  And claim that preterism is false teaching and that a Preterist is a member of a cult.

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